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Environment Safety and Health 

“Our main goals are the safety of our activity and the protection of people and nature”

Everybody’s Health

C.G.R.D. has always been focused on the environmental issues and is devoted to adopting strategies aimed at the prevention of pollution and minimizing environmental risks. The correct use of natural resources and the use of environmentally-friendly technologies makes it possible for  C.G.R.D. to connect the success of its products to the safeguard of everybody's health.

A Natural Process

ECOWHITE® is our natural tanning process for leathers which supports biodegradability over their lifespan, so that produced forms of leather such as clothing, shoes and automotive are friendly to the environment.

Ecowhite® means

  • 1)
    A natural tanning process free of derivates of heavy metals
    EcoWhite® includes only modified bio-aldheydes. Leathers will show innovative characteristics and the same leathers shall be easily transformed into carbon dioxide and water, which then can be used as a natural fertilizer in agriculture.
  • 2)
    Its process complies with applicable norms and directives.
  • 3)
    Physical resistance
    Resulting leathers better resist stresses such as tear strength, burst strength and tensile stregth, as well as improved transpiration properties, fastness to steam, and they display good perspiration-proof properties.
  • 4)
    Human tolerance
    As no heavy metals materials are involved in the used chemicals, leathers and skins treated by the Ecowhite system, the result is a more hypoallergenic leather in comparison to usual chrome-tanned leathers.